Thursday, 19 January 2012

China: Another walk in Baiyin

More pictures of Baiyin, this time walking out towards the new district in the west.

China: Jingyuan County

I'm posting ahead now because soon I'll be away for my extended Spring vacation and unable to post pictures until I get back (which is the middle of February).
These pictures are of a day when I had to teach a demonstration in Jingyuan County. Afterwards I had time for a brief look around the town.

China Photos

Photographs of Baiyin

Saturday, 7 January 2012

China: Catch Up Pictures Part 3

Four market pictures.
Baiyin street market.

China: Catch Up Photos Part 2

1 White Tower Park, Lanzhou
2. View from Park
3. Signage in Park
4. View from Park
5. New Department Store, West Baiyin
6. Square, West Baiyin
7. Column Detail
8. Telecom Building, West Baiyin
9. Sculpture, West Baiyin

China: Catch Up Pictures

Sorry for the delay.
Followers of my other blog we realise how busy I've been.
Here are ten more pictures in the first installment of catching up.

And they are
1 Child outside my school
2 Lanzhou
3 Lanzhou
4 Statue, Lanzhou - Galloping Horse stepping on flying swallow is a very famous sculpture in China. Copies of it are everywhere.
5 Station architectural detail, Lanzhou. Those columns are very peculiar, being two concave halves back to back.
6. 7. 8. Lanzhou
9. 10 White tower park, Lanzhou